Like Aotearoa and Australia, the lands of the Americas have seen tremendous bloodshed over the last thousand years. Some of that blood was shed at the hands of our (my) ancestors and some by the ancestors of the Spanish, Portuguese, British, and French. These continents are not strangers to violence and war, but now they are seeing a new kind of violence.

Troubling reports are emanating from the lands currently under invasion by the Neo-Spanish. These lands, rightfully the heritage of the Mayans, have for years now been illegally held in a criminal, unjustified, and brutal occupation. But what is now being spoken of in these lands is something the world has never seen before.

These reports speak of new terrors visited on the Mayan people with the exclusive goal of exterminating them from the face of the Earth. The reports speak not of the soldiers of war, those who fight against the Neo-Spanish to regain their lands, but rather the children, infirm, and elderly who cannot fight.

Reports also suggest that these are not isolated incidents as some in the Neo-Spanish government have argued. One official, speaking to a foreign press official called these reports “isolated incidents by a few bad apples acting on their own and not at the behest of the government of New Spain.”

But the facts on the ground argue otherwise.

Instead of isolated incidents, these actions are widespread and organized. They are not limited in scope, but instead appear industrial in scale.

I am immediately ordering my resources in the Americas and around the world to investigate these reports. If proven true, I will take whatever necessary actions that such unprecedented events would provoke. In the past history of the Empire, far less has provoked great and terrible action on our part.

Let the Neo-Spainiards be so warned.

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